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44,909 new clients for your Salon Spa from online!

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44,909 new clients for your Salon Spa from online!

I just checked in on a site I re-did as a "client-magnet website" (SEO & marketing-style) last year...

And I think you'd be interested in the results,
(BTW, this is the same stuff I teach you how to do yourself in my class here...)
Here's what her old site looked like (& because it wasn't optimized OR google-friendly, it was pretty much INVISIBLE to google)...
show images to see this 
...and here's how it 'scored' on, at 16% FAIL
(check out your own site, see how it does out of 100%, no email required)
show images to see this 
...see, if most of the sites out there are better than yours (and get a better score), why would google ever list you in the search results or send you any traffic???
So here's what I did:
- I made her site GOOGLE-FRIENDLY, getting her a better score...
(here's the after score, 76%!!!)
click 'display images' 
- Then I OPTIMIZED it for words that her clients would be searching for,
...NOT her name, but what she does (massage, spa, etc).
The Result?
TRAFFIC (aka VISITORS or PROSPECTS) seeing her site,
More than 44,909 of them since I redid this, to be exact!!!
(this image below is her email signup showing the views and signups)
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AND, #3
2,162 (5.2%) of her visitors did something else too...
do you see it?
2,162 people got onto her email list!!!
Now she can send them offers and get them to come in and bring her money 🙂
How'd that happen?
I do it with special software, social signals, and other 'psychological triggers' I put into my "client-magnet" websites...
They're not fancy...
They're not really pretty...
But they get FOUND by google and get clients to COME IN 🙂
show images to see this 
Here's what she's said:
"Already since you redid my site for me my business has increased exponentially plus all the other stuff that I have learned from you has helped a lot... I have hired 4 new staff and we are starting to finally be profitable and I'm taking 1 day off per week starting this week... I've even taken a paycheque the last 3 months!" - Lara C.
Really, I guarantee you, you ARE leaving money on the table,
I can take on 2 of you as a personal client and do this for you...
(either a website redo or for monthly SEO)
Will you get 44,909 leads and an email list of over 2,000 like Lara here?
Well, her story isn't uncommon for my site redo's but it takes time and I'm IMPROVING my strategies all the time (my email signup sequence nowadays is MUCH more tactical and effective)...
Right NOW, you have 2 options:
1 -
Email me if you want me to take you on as a client and I'll turn your site into a "client magnet" as well! My sites start at $6k but as a member you get a 50% DISCOUNT 🙂
...and on my own site for my own spa, I make about a $1,000 PER MONTH from this same "client magnet" system...
2 -
because this is what I teach in my class...
I give away ALL my secrets so you can do this yourself...
Want to see how I did it? 
Signup for my class and pay only 97 bucks, AFTER it's over and only if you're happy,
register here for one buck to hold your seat...
Or hit "reply" and contact me for a website review and to see how I can take care of this for you (send your number & url). "Who Loves Ya?" - Coach Christopher PS Go register or contact me, either one, but for the love of God do something because you can have an extra grand/month like I have if you play your cards right!

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