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Ok, what now my fellow salon spa owners? I hope you had an A-MA-ZING Mothers Day! Ideally you were BOOK SOLID… AND sold a ton of gift certificates… But what Now??? The “Big 3” are over (X-mas, V-day & M-day). That was most of your sales. Not only is that over, but now you’ve got […]

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Post your week 3 results, or any week via the link below to the Salon Spa Marketing Challenge! Week 1 Challenge here (let us know you’re in) Week 2 challenge and week 1 (expenses) results post here Week 3 challenge and week 2 (systems) results post here Post week 3 (marketing) results below! CLAIM YOUR […]

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New Years Challenge for Salon Spa Owners Comment to get on board and let’s make some moolah for you this month! …comment below and let me know you’re on board! (or email)

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Salon Spa Staff Problems!

by Coach Christopher · 7 comments

You won’t believe what happened to me! Stolen hours (stolen money)! Appointments not rebooked! Staff quitting! …get the whole story here. P.S. This stuff happens to all of us 🙂 If you want help, then join us online at because you’re not alone… & comment below, thanks!

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How Bad Is It Out There?

by Coach Christopher · 1 comment

I been speaking a bit with Skip Williams about his Spa America Tour and he said that 95% of Salon Spas are in BIG Trouble, which brings up the question… are you? …are things going that bad? …are you at risk of closing? …have you paid yourself lately? ‘Comment’ below and let me know, I’ve […]

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“They” said so

by Coach Christopher · 2 comments

So, I bumped into an old friend of mine recently. She’d been having a tough time, so it started… She was saying that “they” say this economic slump isn’t over yet, the worst is yet to come… Then she went on to say that “they” say unemployment is going to go up further… Then it […]

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