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Need marketing ideas for your salon & day spa?

by Coach Christopher · 3 comments

Keep your eyes opened, this site is about to explode with free salon and spa marketing ideas, help, tips and systems for you.

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Great to see these marketing ideas for salons and spas, yay!


suzanne hajdusek

econonmy first we have had a down fall, myself and eleven other people have moved from a Salon I have had I needed a change I am a partial owner in the Salon I have left.Keeping my 25% when and if my X partner gos under. He was taking alot of money out of the business for is personal use. Beautiful new home,new expensive cars as well. I Was keeping an eye on the day to day business plus directing and implementing new ideas while he sat at homne and watched us on his interceptor survalliance cameras, I had decided to leave after nine years .My X partner would always leave our business check book at his home which for some reason or another never letting me see what truly was going on with our capital. My staff of 23 were very unhappy with him I should say not me Thank God. I had trained these opperaters at my Salon on my own time every monday night.He consistantly drained them. He would not pay them well and was always dishonest with them and myself. We conducted staff meetings every 3 months.Going over the policies of our Salon, such as coming in 15 minutes before your first client to selling retail and upselling thier tickets. We have used major companies which serviced us with points. We normally used them towards education. He was hardly present but always kept a close eye from his home. Unless his vacationing got in the way ,which he took 3 times a year.The Saln was thriving untill one day I had noticed my colume was dwindling.He was making it impossible to want to be there. Our Salon manager had teamed up with him to weed me out. I am the hair stylist in the business he was not nor was my manager she simply follwed out his tasks on hand.When I realized how she had turned against me after finding out what was actually happening,we became distant. I might tell you I hired her for her capabilities and were the best of friends for 8 years.Until he paid her to go against me. That only made my stay harder. I was lsing clients because she was instructed by him to mention to my clients I was too busy or on leave etc… to always try to put them in someone elses chair. At first I figured it must be me.Maybe my work was slipping.That wasn’t it.Certain clients made me aware of what was going on. I have been in this wonderful business for 34 years.I previously owned a Salon prior to having my children, I had stopped for a year to raise my first once I sold. I made anice profit and lived pretty good that was 1990. I had gotten to know my partner and realized he had a knack for business and we decided to go into business together.Itook all of my knowledge and helped implementing ideas to help our Salon.It was working beautifully. I had always been the creative source behind My Salon from saving us money to decorating on a dime and completeting a atmosphere people enjoyed.I helped with the design ,made my own curtains and floral arrangements and mde sure the staff helped keeping the Salon extremely clean.My blood ,sweat and tears went into making this Salon very successful, Until he became so greedy.The day I had decided to leave I informed my staff and they were completely upset because I was there glue.They appreciated all I had done for them and wanted to come with me. Now keep in mind I was leaving alone so I originally planned. They did not want to break up our family and all decide to branch out with me. Leaving him with basically no one.My problem and theres were at first was My X partner decided to campaigne against us by making an offer we could barely keep up with.To keep our clients he devised a plan to give 50% off to our clients if they stayed, alot of people took advantage of this which of course made us discount our work too.Mind you we had only moved about 1000 ft. away. We lost some business as we always knew you could very well lose up to 10 to 15 % by making a move.Now he has raised his prices in one year to 5 and 10 dollars per service.Crazy right. We have gained back some in the process. My problem now is the new owner of the Salon we all went to is an X club owner/ hairstylist. He opened up a brand new Salon and made it more like SOHO and a club atmosphere,music being to loud to yelling back and forth to language which is innappropiate. I have lost very steady client because of this. I know they didn’t return to my old Salon because of the price hike but I have no idea where they are. I’ve politely called them and most of the response was they did not like the new Salon.They were more comfortable at my original shop.I am starting to get depressed over this as some of my colleagues are too. With the economy the way it is I am bringing home half of what I used to be making as far as my salary and commission. Which by the way is what we all work on. I’ve tried talking with my new employer and he has no solutions to give me. I am ready to throw in the towel. I am a single Mother of 2 they are grown and require more whether it be College or all the books they are required to use for that semester. I am watching my savings account dwindle along with my cliental. His suggestion for me was to go on public assistance. NEVER would I take such advantage of a system that other people rightly deserve. I’m at a loss of ideas. Please I need a solution, I always give 100% every day only to show the younger employees to push ahead,it’s hard.I do not take my personal life to work nor do I bring my work home with me.I give my clients discount cards for referrals and really don’t know what else I can do. My X partner is doing terribly and I feel he might go under which means so does my share of 25% if and when he decides to sell.That Salon is very very slow and the girls there are under paid beginners and masters. He’s made quite a few mistakes down the road. My new employer is in big trouble as well he is starting to bounce checks. Please help before I give up my dream I’ve been wanting to hair since I was 4 years of age.I actually started doing hair at 17.I’ve worked in a few Salons along the way for years at a time until I felt like opening my first. I need answers to help rebuild.As a manager in my new home I have helped him by implementing ideas he’s never thought of.Like having regional district managers come in and giving us great markeing tools to work with. Because of his extremely low capital it’s almost impossible. He barely has the money to make his bills. He is very irresponsible when it comes to money and that makes it harder for me to help him.I need HELP before I decide I’m at he end of my rope.Thank you for listening.


Marie Collins

Aren’t you now working at a new Salon in Smithtown? Didn’t you move out to San Jose for a short time. Don’t you do my Sister’s hair? Maybe I’ve got the wrong person? Either way, best of luck.


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