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Salon Spa Website Builder

by Coach Christopher · 9 comments

Salon Spa Website builder

...Part 3 in my story of how I get salon clients on autopilot...

and how I never would've found the software to do it if it weren't for a disaster... that nearly closed down my salon spa So... In part 1 of my story I heard those words you never, ever in a million years think you'll hear as a business owner and I learned the number 1 rule of salon spa ownership... In part 2 I told you how I spent (& lost) tens of thousands of dollars testing out marketing and which one worked best... (if you haven't read the beginning of the story yet, do so now by clicking those links 🙂 )   So everything was going great, right? I mean, I'm working ON my business instead of in it... I'm focusing on marketing (getting new clients in) because that is something that I have 100% control over (and it directly affects my income)! And after losing LOTS of money perfecting things to see what brings me the most money, I find that my website (one that I own, not lease monthly like many of us do) is the answer. I FIRED my designer because my site wasn't bring me any new clients where it should be (and I hated paying her $100/hour for updates)... and am investing in not only getting my site seem by more people (seo), but creating Authority so when people find me they call me!   So what's the envelope from the city doing here? I come into work and I see it there... It looks official... It honestly looks kind of intimidating... But I dive in and open it. Oops, "Honey, guess what?" "What?" "Well, the city has some news for us..." "it seems they want something from us..." What did they want? [note] if you've been reading my salon marketing emails for anytime now, you know life teaches us lessons, right? you know when something happens, One of those 'life incidents' that you feel will just kill you and you can't believe it? But it often makes us stronger? That's what this was. And I'm glad it happened, especially at this time when I had just decided to redo my website... Because it allowed me to step up my game and make more changes (that now bring me money on auto-pilot, monthly)... But at the time, it was frightening, because... The city wanted our building. Let me correct that, the city TOOK our building, via eminent domain, because they needed it to build an on-ramp!   woodmen2Yes, that's right... All the money I put into buildout... All the money I put into advertising/branding... Now it's even more wasted because we have just days to move before they come in and tear down our location. What do we do? Do we close? No, We find a place, the city pays for our move, ...but it's a nightmare. What do you think could go wrong? Ask yourself, right now, what would happen if you up and moved with little notice (& Christmas is coming up, gift certificate season)? Well, you would lose some of your regulars who don't want to go to where you are, right? Then you'd lose even more clients because that change upsets them, they like your old place, and it makes you appear unstable... Heck, you'd even lose clients who are looking for you at your old location and have missed appointments because google hasn't updated your map address yet... And you'd even lose STAFF because they don't feel secure with this change either, and don't want any 'down time' for the move in their paychecks. ALL of this happened. And here we are in a new location which no one knows about and we'll be losing out on our holiday sales as well. Should we have closed our doors instead of moving? Should we have given up our decade old salon spa business? How will we make it through this storm? How do we take the (financial) hit from not only new clients who can't find us, but from regulars who don't like the move, from clients who don't like the new location, from staff who have left??? We do what owners are supposed to do...   We focus on the marketing, getting new clients in   And we do it in the HIGHEST ROI of all marketing forms, and that's via our website. I've just redone the site, It's "google-friendly" so it rates high when google looks at it (you can go to and grade your own site, if it's below 60% it's unlikely Google will send you any traffic at all because they don't like your site)... And now that my sites is Google friendly with a high-score, it's Optimized for the correct "keywords" i.e. people find me when they search for what I do, NOT just my name (this is how/why I first lost all trust in my designers, seeing this mistake) so I'm getting visitors online... But getting visitors is only half of the equation REPEAT: "getting visitors is only Half of the equation" You need those visitors to become Clients! So I created "Authority" When you visit my site there are all sorts of psychological signals that people want to see before they give you their business I connect with them, I gain their trust, I show them we are THE place to go... But the ONE thing that was lacking, The ONE thing that I needed to make my site PAY ME, The ONE piece of software I had left off by mistake, ...I found. And I put it on my website. Because I had to, Because if I didn't, after the city moved my business and the numbers went in the toilet... I would've gone under. You've heard "when the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear?" Or "sink or swim" Well it was sink or swim time, so I swam! My business HAD to make more money or the move by the city would've killed me, so I did. I made more money. I found a specific system, A specific sequence of software and tools, That got my email signups to my site to go up 1,000% (yes, you got that right, 1,000 PERCENT). I went from 10 email signups per month to over 100 ...and it's been going on for years now, Consistently, money after month, after month, after month, after money. It's one part software, ...One part headline, and One part follow-up. ...and it's the follow-up part, these emails that go out on auto-pilot, that makes me the money. It makes me around $1,000.00/month, consistently. And there's a special formula to follow, to get these new people to come in, that makes it magical... It revolves around my website, facebook, the emails and human psychology.   So, would you like to learn how to do this? to setup your own websites, to make it google friendly so they like your site because it's one of the best ones out there, to optimize it so you show up for the searches for the keywords you want to be found for, to create authority and gain trust because that is crucial for new clients, and how to have it all make you money, on autopilot.   Comment below if so! "Who Loves Ya?" - Coach Christopher best selling author PS Comment below if you'd like to learn how to set this up to get clients on autopilot yourself!  

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Bring it on, would love to know how you work your magic!





Tina Scott

I need to update my website, don’t have either of the original designers and I don’t. have a clue where to start.



Would love to learn more


cindy morrow

Chris is great! Love the new website he built for us. We get great rankings and it is so easy for people to join our eNews.



Amazing post. I love it. Thanks for sharing important post with us.



Nice information and I am really grateful you decided to share it with us.


Dwight Ryder

Ok, sounds good. Hit us with your best shot.
I am in the game and have seen just about everything that exists.


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