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Salon Spa Website How-To Training

by Coach Christopher · 6 comments

RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW and Learn how to get clients automatically from online via a "money-making website" on me... and pay AFTER the class is over, ONLY if you're happy!

...this 20 minute video explains my story and how I found online marketing to be the best way to get new clients, automatically.

YOU WON'T BE CHARGED FOR 4 DAYS, and only then the class fee of $97 IF you're happy, otherwise it's on me! So it's only $1 now to hold your seat... Get the FULL training (we'll spend all afternoon going over everything): 1. Setting up your site on a platform that's easy to use and FREE (no more paying web designers monthly) 2. How to make your site Google friendly (because without a high score Google won't send you any visitors, checkout to see how you score, no email required to check) 3. How to Optimize your site ...because without the right 'keywords' people will never find you and most likely your site is based on your businesses' name which no one is searching for 4. How to create AUTHORITY ...because you want to stop people from surfing the internet and get them to want you and only you 5. How to create MONEY with your website, on Auto-Pilot! ...because getting your income 100% under your own control is vital 6. BONUS - SEO strategies so you can get higher ranking on the search engines So this is how this works... Order now and pay $1 to reserve your seat... Attend the class (I'll have 2 within the next week for you to choose a time from) ON THE CLASS I'LL TELL YOU HOW TO "OPT-OUT" OF PAYING if you're UnHappy with what I've taught for any reason! Only when you're happy and the class is over will you be charged $97 (in 4 days) for the class ...this is EXACTLY what I do to make my own sites which I charge from $6,000 to $12,000 for! "Who Loves Ya?" - Coach Christopher PS Get Clients on autopilot and pay for the class AFTER... only if you want to!

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I can’t wait!



I just signed up for the class, but when do I find out about the class date choices?


Muberra Gobuluk

I own a day Spa in Istanbul Turkey, i want to learn right marketting clues, how can you help me during the learning process.
Do you think that online education can help. ?
If not what do you suggest me, do you think that your recommendations will not work because we are not in the USA ,


Coach Christopher

Either online education or just have it done for you, but either should work (especially online) because these marketing principles are universal.


Rita da Costa

Hi i am very interesting in learn all the strategies, as soon as possible. On the other hand I am wonder if works for me, I own a day spa in Luanda (Angola)


Coach Christopher

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