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Sock Panda Monthly Sock Club valuable marketing lesson

by Coach Christopher · 0 comments

A VALUABLE Marketing Lesson from the Sock Panda Monthly Sock Subscription Club

WOW, what a lesson from the sockpanda monthly sock subscription folks in marketing. (btw, check them out here, at if you'd like your own)! ...but boy, did they WOW me! Not only did they get a customer for life, but they've got me telling ALL my friends about it too! This is the kind of marketing that you should strive for. Answer questions quickly. WOW clients, even if it means breaking even on the front. The go the extra mile to overdeliver. They really know their stuff, I'm amazed and am glad to help promote 'em! (now just to get my hands on even more of their groovy socks)! "Who Loves ya?" - Buddha Christopher P.S. Please comment below and let me know if you like my new socks!

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