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“They” said so

by Coach Christopher · 2 comments

So, I bumped into an old friend of mine recently. She'd been having a tough time, so it started... She was saying that "they" say this economic slump isn't over yet, the worst is yet to come... Then she went on to say that "they" say unemployment is going to go up further... Then it was "they" are keeping her down at her job... And "they" say she's getting fat... I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to tell her how much she could do but it was too late, she was already brainwashed. I had to get out of there! Who the hell are "they"? And when did "they" determine YOUR finances, YOUR security, YOUR self-esteem? "They" live on fear, hate, ignorance and shame. "They" want to keep you in the dark, feel inadequate and out of control. "They" want to creep inside your head and control you. "They" are the news, the media, the shifty politicians. Don't believe them! They don't know YOU. Let me tell you something about you... YOU are capable of achieving ANYTHING! YOU are fully in Control! YOU are an Entrepreneur, you write your own check! YOUR happiness will be based on how much you are grateful for! YOUR Success will be a direct ratio to how much value you provide! YOUR results will be determined on how much action you take! "They" can take nothing from you, only what you give them. YOU have the power. Believe in yourself... I do. "Who Loves Ya?" -Christopher because we can help. P.S. Please comment below

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Noell Michalski

Damn good email.



Hello Christopher,

I have been mooching off of your email list for a while now… thanks. I am not a salon or spa owner, yet (who knows right?), but I really like the example you set. I am learning more about how to effectively use an email list, and web-presence from watching you than reading a hundred blogs about it! I have almost clicked on “buy” atleast 3 times in the last few months, and I am not even a salon and spa owner. If you preach what you practice, you are a true teacher among a slew of hacks.

ps. If you would like you can take me off the email list, but until you do, I plan on leaching as much enthusiasm as I can. Peace.


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