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Working on my Salon Business in Hong Kong

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I was in Hong Kong!HK 047-2 WHAT was I doing there? Setting up a new corporation, so now I'm just like Starbucks & G.E., lol But I took time to go there (with a group of others) and WORK ON MY BUSINESS. Do you do that? Work ON your business? I know we all work IN our businesses, but I mean working ON it. When was the last time you stepped away from managing staff, working the front desk, helping clients and trying to figure out marketing... to work on the BIG picture? Checking off those items that will make a HUGE difference in your bottom line? Not only should those things be written down as a goal, but you should set aside time to work on the plan to hit those goals by your deadline! THAT is how BIG changes come about. And I'm not talking about some average 5% growth crap that big business calls a success, but about 100% growth items. FOR EXAMPLE: An email promo I did for a coaching client of mine outdid her sales for the ENTIRE YEAR, in just 1 email. Every time we put together a new promo, her phone rings off the hook. I just did a simple promo for a Plastic Surgeon who got enough business from it to pay for my coaching for an ENTIRE YEAR. ...and that was just 1 email, 1 thing, because we took time to work ON their businesses. How about you? Would you like some coaching help with your business? Keeping you on track? Or maybe some done-for-you marketing help? ...because if you're thinking "social media / facebook" is where it's at now, you've missed the boat. The facebook opportunity ended 3 years ago, lol. As a coach, I GUARANTEE I can make you an extra $5,000.00 in your biz, minimum. Just comment below and let's chat.

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