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Salon can increase your bottom line for your salon and spa because of how all this came about... 1st - We rely on a brain trust of information gathered from dozens of the world's top salon and spa consultants (close friends and business connections). We also tap into the cream of the crop of Salon Spa owners nationwide via our private members-only site at 2nd - I (Christopher Lee) actually own my own salon, spa and medspa. So instead of someone NOT in our industry charging you for unproven marketing ideas, our systems are in use daily in an operating, growing and profitable salon spa. 3rd - We've spent a good portion of the last decade mastering marketing (internet marketing, print & direct mail, and television advertising) and then have made it work in this "down" economy... simply put, "this stuff works!" So if you're looking for results, you've found the right place, welcome. "Who loves ya?" Christopher Lee Golden, CO 970-306-6520 christopher [at] salonspaowner [dot] com