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Apps for Salons & Spas

RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW and Learn how to get clients automatically from online via a “money-making website” on me… and pay AFTER the class is over, ONLY if you’re happy! …this 20 minute video explains my story and how I found online marketing to be the best way to get new clients, automatically. YOU WON’T […]

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App deal for Salons & Spas

by Coach Christopher · 13 comments

Hurry, watch this now, only 20 minutes! CLICK HERE to Order and please comment below 🙂

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Apps for salons and spas

by Coach Christopher · 9 comments

I’ve been searching the internet now for over a year looking for the biggest, best, most effective app programmers who can implement my salon spa marketing ideas for your very own personal app for your salon and spa… and finally have found ’em! Just in time too because with everyone getting a smart phone now, […]

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The change is here! Take 14 minutes to find out how to save your fanpage for your business. Don’t miss the stuff near the end either, it’s important 🙂 If you’d like me to design & setup your cover & a custom signup image for your ‘old’ welcome page, get that here -> …OR […]

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Guess where I am?

by Coach Christopher · 0 comments

Hi there, I hope you’re having an AMAZING weekend. I actually left for FL the other day and am, right now, on a networking Marketers cruise 😉 so I’ll be unavailable for a week or two. BUT, I wanted to GIVE you something while I was away though which put me to thinking what could […]

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A lot of people have been asking about “how sms mobile text marketing works” …”what if my clients are older and don’t text that much yet” …and Especially “is really unique from the other text services?” Well, I am so glad you all asked about mobile marketing, I thought I’d shoot a quick video […]

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