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Shift Happens

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I just posted a video in our private facebook group called "shift happens" You can ask to join our group here But the video is about HOW FAST things are changing. I mean EXPONENTIALLY changing. For example: 65% of the jobs of the future, DON'T EVEN EXIST YET. And knowledge is changing and growing so fast, if you were to start college, within 2 years (i.e. before you're half way through, lol), most of what you learned would be obsolete. This tells me 2 things. 1) You need to stay on top of the game. ...that's why I've been emailing you so much about video marketing, seo, ppc, your website, automated systems, etc., etc., etc. Online marketing is ALWAYS changing. 2) If you're not even online yet (the way you should be, and I GUARANTEE YOU that 99% of you ARE NOT)... and you're doing the same things you have done for the last half decade (i.e. print ads, using constant contact, etc)... YOU ARE FALLING BEHIND AT AN EXPONENTIAL RATE. All it takes is one (1) person in your market who knows what they're doing (or hires me, lol) and you are in for a world of hurt. Be that one person. Take $3k/month of something you're doing that you can't track and isn't working, and let's put it to GOOD use. Something that will get you a steady stream of NEW clients, on a daily basis.

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