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"For Salon Spa Owners Who Want To Build A THRIVING Business In A Struggling Economy... But Don't Quite Know How To Do So?"

Salon Spa Owners & Entrepreneurs overcome the Great Recession and jumpstart their small-businesses at application-only "Less-Theory, More Action" 3-day Business Boot Camp Everyday, we are pelted with ads that say "I will increase your business by 10 to 1000 Percent." The number of "experts" is seemingly endless - Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Jay Abrams, Glazer-Kennedy, et al. And then Grouponitis created a new economic model that has made our chance for profits even less. Now some of these "gurus" may have a good idea that may produce some results. But in most cases, you need to either spend a small fortune for the information or hire a bunch of new employees to implement the "great big new plan" or just give away stuff for free. At the end of the day, 99% of these "experts" are merely experts at TELLING you what you should do ABOUT your business instead of SHOWING you what you can do IN your business. This March, a small group of successful stylists, therapists and entrepreneurs who actually own and run salons and spas, are going to bypass the "gurus" and the "theories" and meet for an intensive, no-nonsense, action-oriented, three-day Boot Camp to discuss every little tip, trick, trend and tactic that they have used over the years in their own salons and spas - sharing the nuts and bolts that actually work and what doesn't. Imagine what will happen when a handful of like-minded, motivated, successful, battle-tested business veterans (who currently own their own cash-flow positive salons, spas and hands-on practices) get together in the same room for 48 hours. The owner/operators attending this intensive retreat don't have time to waste on theory- these entrepreneurs are too busy running their own successful businesses. The Salon Spa Boot Camp might be your only chance to ask them questions and get real answers that work. You might ask, if they are so successful, why are these people going to this Boot Camp to share their secrets? Because, the most successful entrepreneurs know that they don't have all the answers all the time. They know when successful, actionoriented owner/operators get together in person - all of a sudden, new, profitable, never-thought-of before ideas appear. Salon Spa Boot Camp is totally different from "bouncing an idea" off a friend. When you do that, the friend usually has no idea what you are talking about - so you end up talking to yourself and trying the same old, money-wasting ideas. For those select few who attend this exclusive, application-only Salon Spa Boot Camp, the resulting revenue and profit boost when they return to their individual businesses will truly be something special and lasting. So what exactly will attendees get at the Salon Spa Boot Camp this March 13th-15th? WHAT YOU GET: 48 hours of concentrated, hands-on discussion and implementation Sunday & Monday of the things that have made these attendees the most successful operators in the industry. PLUS # Meditation Mornings to get off on the right foot. # Gourmet Dinner (on us!) # Networking Happy Hours. # Cutting edge Marketing Strategies. # Solid Business Foundation Training. What's NOT included? # No Vendors hawking to get you to waste your money on equipment or ideas that doesn't produce income. # No 1,000 person filled convention center. # No "advice" from someone who doesn't own their own SalonSpa. This is LIMITED to a very select group. Why? ***Because (an industry first) we're going to SETUP ACTUAL SYSTEMS FOR YOU so you can leave with things already checked off your task list. AND when we do things, we do them right! Aside from NOT allowing vendors to take your money, and letting everyone under the sun know about these strategies WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FUN. PRE-ADVENTURE DAY (indoor skydiving, if you dare!) on Saturday evening because we need to get started on the right foot! POST-CELEBRATION DAY (optional) via a half-day of skiing on Tuesday (done by 3, still time to fly out). We know this is going to SELL OUT and be the event of the year for a very small, elite few. We even GUARANTEED RESULTS! If you don't have a new system in place on the 1st day, sipmly ask and we'll refund every penny and you're free to go. In our own business we've GROWN while other salon spas are closing their doors. Dont' continue wasting time and money on things and people that don't produce results. You can't continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Don't try this alone, get the help you need, join your peers and make this the best year ever! APPLY NOW SIGNUP BELOW FOR MORE INFO