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"Are you tired of gearing up for a new year, spending $$$ at the biggest seminars to increase profits, laying out all your plans only to have them disappear?"

…when was the last time going to a seminar actually made you money?

We need more clients! We need more profits... more for ourselves for working constantly in a business that just seems to drain our energy (and checkbook). Wouldn't it be great to actually have someone HELP you setup business systems? Compare notes with other successful salon spa owners about marketing? Find out how to fight back against this economy?

Where did the clients go!?
This new economy is a killer. It was hard enough to get people to come in regularly for spa services when times were "good" but nowadays... it's near impossible. Now you're lucky if they'll splurge for their yearly getaway.

To make it worse... as soon as one salon spa goes under, there seems to be TWO more that take its place! Where are all these coming from? And they immediately come in at bottom dollar. $39 massages! $10 haircuts! 20 pedicures! What are these people thinking?

As a SMART owner, you take action...
You buy a ticket to the biggest and best seminars, get geared up, attend all the classes & business trainings, scour the show floor... spend LOTS of money on new things that are supposed to bring you money... BUT THEY DON'T.

What next? You try to compare notes with other owners. NO ONE in your town will talk to you, they think you're going to steal their ideas. You go online to the forums and they're filled with people who obviously have no idea what they're talking about... probably a bunch of students still in school or solo's who don't have any real bills to pay.

So what's the solution?
You find the gurus out there. Jay Abrams, Chet Holmes, Glazer-Kennedy... IF you can afford them. They all seem to have great info, but it costs. And it still revolves around one thing... they're TELLING you what to do, instead of SHOWING YOU.

...imagine if someone Actually Did It With You!

This March, a small group of Salon Spa Owners are going to share their best ideas ever
In Denver, CO a small group of successful owners are going to get together for an intensive business retreat. Every little tip, trick, trend and tactic will be discussed. This isn't theory, but the nuts and bolts of what's happening in successful and profitable salon spas in operation today.

Compare notes with the best
Instead of trying to find someone to talk "shop" with, or attend classes and seminars to hear theory, at the Salon Spa Bootcamp you will actually get things done! Your participation is required because something special happens when you get a group of like-minded individuals together in a room. The creative juices start flowing, the energy grows and new ideas spark into being that will take you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

So how does this all get implemented?
In an industry first, we're actually going to Setup business and marketing systems with you, right on the spot. No more excuse for not getting something done or taking half a year and then forgetting how it was supposed to work. You will leave with Major tasks already checked off your to-do list the very first day.

The Salon Spoa BootCamp Includes:

Two full days... filled with cutting edge Marketing & Business Strategies

"Done-With-You" Systems... setup with you live during the event

Relaxing... "meditation mornings" to get us off to a productive start

A gourmet networking dinner at a high-end restaurant, on us!

Mastermind "Breakout" Sessions... to share ideas (bring your best!)

Partner/Spouses allowed... FREE (if you're the first to apply) or at a HUGE discount

Six (6) "One-on-One" Consults... via phone post-event to help out

Unlimited... email access for 30 days post-event to answer questions

Pre-Adventure Day... (optional, at cost) the evening before (indoor skydiving, horseback riding, jeep/segway tour, rock-n-bowl, etc... actual adventure will be decided upon by those attending)

Post-Celebration Day... (optional, at cost) the morning after before heading home

NOTE: This Exclusive event is LIMITED to just a few attendees, so you must Apply along with your payment:

Be Willing to Mastermind Your Greatest Successes AND Challenges

Be Willing To Share During Our Networking Session

Have An Honest Desire To Grow "at least" One Additional High-Profit Center in Your Salon Spa

Maintain Confidentiality on All Confidential Ideas & Information Discussed

...there will be NO vendors "hawking" their wares

...there will be NO 1,000 person filled convention center

...there will be NO ADVICE From A Non-Owner (i.e. "consultants").

FAST ACTION BONUS: Bring Your Partner For FREE (if you're one of the first to pay & apply)

Our GUARANTEE... "If you don't have a money making system setup by the end of the first day to help pay for this bootcamp over and over we'll cut you a check on the spot along with an extra $200 for wasting your time and you're free to leave with no hard feelings."

Will you continue to do the same things over and over and over hoping for a different result? (this is the definition of insanity by the way)…

Or will you try the same old seminars and conferences to hear the same "consultants" over again and againg, giving the same advice that always seems to pick your pocket but never seems to get implemented…

OR You Will Decide NOW to make this year different from the rest by taking action and joining other cutting edge owners in a "Hands-On" money-making bootcamp unlike any other before.

Apply here ...if you don't want to take a chance on missing one of the first 5 spots (or don't want to email your credit card info), you can go ahead and pay online here: Salon Spa BootCamp ticket