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Here's your personal download page for the End of Summer.

A designer (or you if you have the software) can easily edit these with your info. If you need help you are eligible for special "re-do" rates of $47 with my designers. December February May Aug/Sept (below) Here are the "Spacation" files
...I LOVE this promotion because of all the Value it offers AND that you can use it virtually anytime of the year. I prefer to use it around "Back 2 School" time, but you could promote it as school ends (beginning of summer), mid-summer, late summer (back to school time) or ANYTIME. You could even advertise it over and over (let's say for example, beginning, mid & late summer) by saying: "No extra cash for a vacation? Go on vacation with us" ...then in mid-summer "Take a Month-Long Vacation with us for under 200 bucks!" ...then again saying "Missed Your Summer Vacation? Take One Now Without Leaving Home!" This gives you 3 chances to advertise the same promotion. The layered, editable adobe illustrator files are below in PDF form (you'll need adobe illustrator software to edit them, so don't download until you're ready to go to work). Please only download them once. Just "right click" the link and select "save as" ...if you're having our designers update them with your info you do NOT need to download them, just email me christopher[at]salonspaowner[dot]com Here's the "low-res" uneditable web/email version (72 dpi) JPG Image, in case you want to see it more "up close." If you want to send a text email with some of the design elements added in as images, instead of a full image email, here is the sun and surfboard, guarantee seal, the main image and my word doc. Here's the "hi-res" editable, web/email (300 dpi) PDF Image. Your home page JPG button image (300x225, 72 dpi) to link to your specials web page Your home page Adobe Photoshop PSD banner file (in case you want to edit it, 300 dpi, 700 pix wide). The web page Adobe Illustrator PDF file (300 dpi, editable file) The 20x30 Adobe Illustrator PDF poster file (right click and save ONLY if you're editing this yourself, it's a REALLY, REALLY big file that you won't be able to email or "sendit" to a designer.) The 8.5x11 Adobe Illustrator PDF print file (Right click and select "save image as") BONUS: Facebook 120x90 JPG Image (72 dpi) for PPC Advertising (Right click and select "save image as")