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Guess where I am?

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Hi there, I hope you're having an AMAZING weekend. I actually left for FL the other day and am, right now, on a networking Marketers cruise 😉 so I'll be unavailable for a week or two. BUT, I wanted to GIVE you something while I was away though which put me to thinking what could you really benefit from? Now, for all my members this year, I'll be sending out monthly CDs & newsletters with action packed info to help them grow their business starting soon... so I thought perhaps I could let you into some of my marketing tricks too. My FAVORITE one, is It's my email software and I describe it as "constant contact on steroids." What does it do for me? It builds my list automatically, online via "lightbox" technology It sends a welcome message automatically It follows antispam guidelines, built in, to keep me on the right side of things It send out automated messages that I created years ago It allows me to schedule messages (like this one) so I can stay in touch with people even when I'm away 🙂 ...AND IT MAKES ME $500 TO $1,000.00 PER MONTH ON AUTO-PILOT How? 1. Well, I call it my "Easy-E Money System" because it allows people to signup for my emails (I increased my signups by 1,000% when I started using this:):):) 2. It automatically send people who get onto my email list a gift (I send 'em 20 bucks towards any service, on me, via email) 3. It automatically sends reminder emails about their gift to get them to call and schedule 4. People appreciate the gift and always schedule for a larger service, leaving an extra 50 bucks with me... and this happens all on autopilot, every day or two. Are you email marketing yet? With "lightbox" automated technology? If not, you need to switch ASAP. Go to to signup and you'll get this "lightbox" software for FREE (which is a good thing:). me once you signup and I'll send you my "Easy-E Money System" training to show you how it works exactly. "Who loves ya?" -Christopher P.S. Please make sure to leave a comment below 🙂

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