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How to get more salon clients during the slow season?

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Ok, what now my fellow salon spa owners?

questionsI hope you had an A-MA-ZING Mothers Day! Ideally you were BOOK SOLID... AND sold a ton of gift certificates... But what Now??? The "Big 3" are over (X-mas, V-day & M-day). That was most of your sales. Not only is that over, but now you've got to redeem those gift certificates all year long. And during the slower months, to boot. So what do you do? EASY ANSWER. You take a break from working in your business and work on it, setting up some additional marketing systems. Why? Because they'll bring in new clients on auto-pilot. Here are some options for you (& we can help with any/all of them): 1 - Make sure your site is MOBILE Friendly before Google removes you from the search results. 2 - Make sure your site scores well (use but don't give them your email). 3 - SEO your site (for professionals only). 4 - Have us setup a "Sales Juggernaut" Marketing System on your site, so you're not wasting those visits. 5 - Create a Press Release for us to get national exposure for you (the last client I did this for got featured in a national magazine as well as 100+ news channels) 6 - Switch from WASTEFUL Print Advertising to SMART internet advertising (my favorite thing to do) 7 - Get DOZENS AND DOZENS of 5-Star Reviews Online (this is easy) 8 - Hire us to coach and mentor you 🙂 ...leave a comment below please.

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