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Salon Marketing Challenge for New Years – week 3

by Coach Christopher · 7 comments

Salon Marketing Challenge for New Years - week 3

WOW, great response from week 1's challenge of "expenses" ...can't believe my fellow owners are saving around $1,000.00/month 🙂 see the results here on week 2. POST YOUR WEEK 2 RESULTS BELOW HERE, let us all know how you save (or what you made) via SYSTEMS (retail, rescheduling, referrals... other:) This week was a little bit up to your staff so I hope you trained and motivated them well! For week 3, we're getting back into what YOU, as a Salon or Spa OWNER can do (and that is via marketing advertising) IF you want my help setting up an automated "email Juggernaut" marketing system, email my assistant to setup time for us to chat. 1. Comment below and let em know "you're IN" 2. Let me know how week 2 went, post your results on what SYSTEM you setup to stop leaving money on the table... 3. Get to work on week 3, Marketing! (or email me for assistance) "Who Loves Ya?" -Christopher PS Don't forget to comment below or email

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Jamie Jacob

Im in



week three is interesting. what is your system for website?


Jamie Jacob

This week I made sure every client was asked when they wanted to rebook instead of if. $10 referral program is in full swing. One client has sent in 3people this week to earn $30 off of her next service. I am looking into getting a mobile app as these are kinda fun. Any suggestions on mobile apps? I think this is something you offer Chris. Right? Still dealing with clients that only want to come in when there’s a discount. Any suggestions on that?


Christy Greene

My system that I have been doing since I started my business is that I always ask my client WHAT specific skin care concerns they have during the consultation. If they have trouble naming them, I start to name the common concerns, such as acne, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, etc. Then they will chime in and say,”yes, it is xyz …then I will address their concern by #1 informing them why it may happen and how they can prevent it.” At the end of the facial service, THEY will remind me that they want the product to help them with xyz. There is a specific product that I was promoting for dull skin and that product sale increased by 10 additional sales in two weeks. So now, when I want to promote a specific product for a specific skin care concern, this is how I promote it. The products work and this is how I receive repeat sales! : )



I have systems for almost everything. We struggle with systems because they don’t usually stick. How can we make them stick???


Coach Christopher

…Marie “You get what you INSPECT, Not Expect” so you have to put someone in charge and follow up with them!


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