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Clients have MORE money for you (& Massage Envy Knows It)

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Since we're on the topic of "just asking" (from last weeks post), here's a GREAT example in case you couldn't think of how to ask for an "upsell" without discounting your price. Our local massage envy is even advertising their upsell, right in their front window. In case you can't see it that well because of the reflection, it says that you can add on either aromatherapy (and they give you 4 choices) for $10, or deep heat threapy for $12 (choose 1 of 3 areas). So, while ASKING your clients about their preferences, you can offer/ask about a 2nd discounted service (like redbox did to me last week), or if they'd like a longer service or if they'd like to addon another mini-service (like massage envy). Want to start RIGHT NOW? Ask every facial client if they'd like to addon a brow wax. Or how about every salon client if they'd like a pedicure or a deep conditioning treatment. This all gets into front desk training, which we cover thoroughly in our "Salon Spa Apprentice System" (you can try it out for just 17 bucks here), but your front desk should never be "order takers." Your staff, the front desk especially, determine YOUR paycheck. Make sure they are ALL well trained... actually, that should probably be your number 1 job. "Who Loves Ya?" -Christopher P.S. Want in on our members-only site? Check it out, or get our Apprentice training at the link above 🙂 PS Comment below (via facebook) or below that via our blog here 🙂

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