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Apps for salons and spas

by Coach Christopher · 9 comments

I've been searching the internet now for over a year looking for the biggest, best, most effective app programmers who can implement my salon spa marketing ideas for your very own personal app for your salon and spa... and finally have found 'em! Just in time too because with everyone getting a smart phone now, you want to get in on this boat before it sails. Imagine your own little piece of property, right on your clients smartphone, where you can 'push' them a notification at any given moment 🙂 BUT before I give you all the details, I want to know your thoughts. What's your opinion on what you'd like an app for your salon and spa to do? Comment below and let me know!

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Share your thoughts! (& include your url in your name, it will give you some “google juice” for your site, just for commenting)!



I think it would save time if it is integrated to the details stored in the POS so information is always up to date with prices, stylists names, opening hours etc



Maybe they have to share (or comment) first to get in on your daily “surprise flash mob sales” ?



I’d love to have an app! The idea of having all my info, location, hours, etc. right on my clients phone is very appealing to me. They cost thousands don’t they? I think my dentist paid $10,000 for his.



Many programmers will cost you a lot more than that! But I’m working on a special “group buy” at a price you literally won’t believe!!!



Can you do “click to call”? Or have an interactive map? Would also like to communicate with my clients so I can send them offers.


jeanne Luca

Hi Christopher,
I d love an app, to be able to flash promo right to their phone would be great also a Did you Know ? ( and educational blurb ) educating them like on sunscreen just before they all start running to the store on the first sign of good weather.



Irvin Jacks

What about online booking options, video clips, messaging tso send client appreciation specials.


Jessica Portillo

Hello Christopher! I would definitely love to have an app for Salon210. I would like an interaction map and promo flash as Jeanne and Tom mentioned. Also for my students to share their work, inspire clients and potential employers.



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