The Official “State of the Salon Spa Industry” Address 2013

by Coach Christopher · 10 comments

There’s a huge shift going on right now in the Salon Spa industry, I’m sure most of you have felt it.

So huge in fact that it’s more of a game changer than shift.

Every Salon & Spa owner will be affected one way or another.

I was asked recently my thoughts on the state of our industry and after looking back on all that has happened over the last 12 months, and looking ahead at what’s coming up right at us, the response ended up being a few thousand words long going over everything that will be VITAL to be on top of this year, so I thought I’d share my response with all of you.

Actually, the things in this address are so monumental for Salon & Spa owners, that you could almost say it’s an Evolution of our industry (all businesses, actually), where as small (& especially big) owners, we must stay on top of the changes and, literally, adapt or die.

And it all goes back to that old age principle of giving clients what they want… instead of what we think they want.

So I’ve got a LOT of life-changing information here for you, but first I’d like you to know how I came to these insights.

This piece is moreso for people who may have recently come across me and what I do, so I thought I’d give you a little background on me because this information could at the very least Save your business from going under and could quite easily (as it has for clients past) double your income.

I’d also love to get your thoughts and opinions as well on what I’ve come up with here, so don’t be shy to comment below.


First and foremost, my motive, my passions, is that I love you guys because I’m a fellow-owner. I’m in the trenches with you, dealing with staff, groupon, the economy & government, marketing, time and all the other things that come up for us owners.

Not only do I own my own spa, but I also own a skin clinic/medspa, working hand in hand with our areas top plastic surgeon offering botox and the like.

Aside from my own business, I also have all of you, my subscribers, that I communicate with on a weekly basis. So I’m constantly in touch with the pulse of what’s important to you and for your business.

I’ve got dozens of marketing training systems I’ve developed, business management trainings, done-for-you ads and of course, SalonSpaOwner.com, our owners-only members site.

The clients I coach personally see huge results after implementing my strategies adding $50k to $150k/year to their personal income.

But MOST importantly, because my coaching business is all online, I’m also HEAVILY into Internet-Marketing and have hundreds of marketer friends who are all online with me watching the future of the internet.

So aside from owning my own spa (the only consultant I know of that does), I can see where things are going and offer cutting-edge, current advice instead of the same ol’ “corporate” consulting information that is sooooo prevelent out there.


So let’s get on with it 🙂

It’s ‘very’ difficult for me to try to explain what’s happening online and the importance of it all, so let me try this experiment:

Think back and get a picture in your mind, close your eyes if it helps, but get a picture of LIFE before the internet. Can you? Remember what it was like back in the 80s & 90s? What you did with your time? How you dressed? What business was like? Your daily life?

For me, it’s difficult. The internet is an incredible resource that’s been growing at leaps and bounds over the last 10+ years, BUT with the advent of social media, that was a game changer.

What was a “resource” for information, like a digital library (which is what the internet was), became a way of life, literally, almost overnight.


Just a couple short years ago, who had heard of Facebook? Let alone a fan-page? No one had one, and now all of us do (if you don’t, wake up! It takes 2 minutes to set one up at facebook.com/pages).

It was 3 years ago at a marketing conference where the speaker asked how many of us heard of facebook (many of us) and how many of us had a fan page (NONE of us, well, maybe 1%). He said within a year we ALL would have one… and we did! And back then we could easily build our list of prospects and customers from it. Now facebook has clamped down on things and made it increasingly difficult (well, not difficult, but tricky) to monetize your fan page.

Why? Because HALF the world is online at facebook, on average every other day… and for LONG amounts of time at once, so everything happens by their rules.


Not to mention that’s only 1 (ONE) website. There’s also twitter, pinterest (fastest growing website Ever), linkedin for professionals and so on (and I didn’t even mention youtube!).

I’m sure you know someone (if not yourself) who’s on these sites, networking, having fun, sharing, liking… constantly.

What the heck did they do before social media!? (as a business owner you probably don’t have the luxury of time to do this, but all your friends do).

This has happened SOOOOOO fast, where the internet has advanced at the speed of light, what has taken years now only has taken an equal number of months! (fyi – Google is still a young “teenager” in age, still unable to drive).

So where we think our customers want ‘this’ what they really want is ‘that’ and ‘that’ is social media. I.e. being connected, and constantly online. It’s a new lifestyle for them (and us).

Adapt… or… die.


Ok, I hope you have a good idea of the speed at which this social media revolution has taken place, but the same could be said for smartphones (or apps).

Remember a decade ago, there were these goofy little phones we all had (& two decades ago they were giant military walkie-talkie things)?

But now with smartphones, it’s not about making calls, is it? It’s about being connected 24/7. Our “hand-held computer/smartphone” is something that we can’t live without. It is in hands distance day AND night. I can see mine right now out of the corner of my eye.

I even saw a marketing campaign (about a texting service) that basically said “want to get your message heard at 3 a.m.? Send a text.”

…speak of which, if you’re NOT texting yet, signup here because this year is the last chance to be “first” in text marketing and building your text list.

So sure, your smartphone is a phone, but it’s also your email, your pictures, your camera, your social life, games, music, entertainment, business center, etc. (the invention of apps was a wonderful thing).


So, follow me here because it’s about to get really interesting…

Knowing we’re all social (and NO ONE makes a purchase without checking REVIEWS and with friends on their opinions, that’s why I build reviews into all the websites I do for people), and we’re all plugged in 24/7 to this online, social LIFE via our mobile phones (do you see it coming? you do, don’t you?), “internet marketing” is NO longer another “thing” you should be doing, but a literal way of life.

Can I paraphrase? “Online & Mobile Marketing is a way of life, that is mandatory, because that is where our customers are and how they want to be communicated with.”

Google knows this, that’s why they put those “local map places” into the search results (which are mobile-phone ready).

That’s what Google+ is Really about, not a social media platform to compete with facebook, they know they can’t overtake ’em, but a local/mobile/social REVIEWING platform for local people to share, socially, their thoughts on businesses.

And THAT is All based on your websites ranking (by Google) which is based on the SEO of your website, how “Google friendly” it is AND it’s social influence.

Google can see the future, can you?


Now, for me, this is WONDERFUL news for 3 reasons.
1 – because my website is VERY Google friendly
2 – it’s AUTOMATED, and
3 – it’s a “money-site” (i.e. it makes me money:) instead of just being an online business card for what salon spa services I offer, like 99% of my competition’s websites are.


So I can use my marketing to LEVERAGE sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube (VIDEO Marketing will be even more important than ever, and I bet NONE of you are doing it, more on that later) and even Amazon/Kindle (that’s why I recently took one of my books to #1) and Google itself to get a steady stream of NEW customers.

Then my “money-site” will use AUTOMATED things like email marketing (still going strong even after a decade), text marketing (brand new and gaining momentum), and a dozen other systems as described in my “silver platter marketing module” classes to get people in and coming back to give my business the boost it needs, again and again and again, on auto-pilot, fully automated to work with minimal supervision.


(in case I lost some of you along the way)

Personally, EVERYONE is online, it’s a way of life, our social life now and we’re connected to it via our smartphones.

And it all revolves around our websites for our Businesses.

Those of you who ACT and convert your site to a money-making site to LEVERAGE sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube & more will get ALL the new clients (because those sites just are a funnel to send people to your site).

Then a few automated marketing tools like email, texting and others will seal the deal on making them yours.


DISCLAIMER: Now, IF you’re a mediocre salon spa and deliver poor service, this won’t save you.

As ALWAYS, it’s about the SERVICE/Experience of your client.

If you want to have long-lasting success, it’s ALL about service, service, service.

You must deliver results, and value to your clients.

They must Rave about you and your services.

This is where your referrals (& online reviews) will come from and your REPUTATION is key in this whole online process.

So without going into the “foundation” of your business itself (expenses/systems/marketing), this year, this coming evolution for business owners will all be about the people, your clients, and what they want… and whether you will adapt, or die.

I’d love to have you join us online at www.TrySSO.com (it’s only 7 bucks) so I can keep you up on the basics of your foundation:
1. Expenses/Compensation
2. Business Systems
3. Marketing
…and all the cutting edge information that will be happening this year.


P.S. PLEASE comment below, and to recap:
1. Fix your website, it’s your foundation online
2. Begin text marketing before it’s too late
3. Join us online

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Hmmm…we have been looking at a texting system to send inspirational quotes to our dieters daily. What if we send over 2000? Currently have 400-500 active dieters. One text to each person per day could price me out.



I can get you the cheapest pricing in the industry, but DAILY would add up. Sounds like you could use an app (which I can get done as well) and see if that works out better.



Hi Chris,
I have heard about this “Funnel ” and “auto pilot” for about a year. I have been approached by marketing companies that want to charge me 5+k to “set” my site up with it. I did find a book that actually spoke about these. If this is what you are speaking I’m very interested. I’m in the process of finding a VC/Angel. Most people I have spoken about this have no idea what I’m talking about( unless they want to charge me big) Why don’t the average site builders and social media folks know about this?



Don’t get me started on that! Web designers are exactly that, DESIGNERS and they know NOTHING about marketing (i.e. a “money-making site”) or SEO. Since I’m the only person I’ve seen who can do it all, I decided to offer it to you guys for half of my regular price (or even less if you’re a member:)


W. Mason Preddy
teresa russo

hi chtistopher… what are your salons called and your websites… would like to have a look.. thanks teresa



the Russian day spa and the Skin renewal clinic.


Steve Nolan

Great article, sage advice.





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