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Experienced Salon Spa Consultant and Coach Offers Thousands in Bonuses

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I'm talking about mistakes, and I just made one in my last email to you!
So I'm REALLY excited, it's been 5 years online for our "owners-only" site at (don't check, the doors are closed to new members) and I'm planning my birthday bonuses for all of you, and look at what I did?
Last email I said "I've uploaded a bunch of viral facebook images for new members because it's our birthday this 4th of July"
The mistake?
That was kinda weak, just a handful of Images for our 5th birthday!!!???
I can do MUCH better than that!
How about this, our Done-For-You Ads (named "Event-Cash Box") which I've had tucked away in the closet and haven't sold in years.
There's THOUSANDS of dollars worth of done-for-you, digital ads, which you can edit and use for your in-house, online AND print promotions for the biggest holidays. 
AND it's yours for nada, nothing, zip, zilch... IF you help us celebrate our birthday by signing up here
AND of course, you'll still get those viral facebook images too, along with our "event cash box" done for you ads.
Join the family here within 72 HOURS because these are special birthday-only bonuses!
"Who Loves ya?"
#1 Best Selling Author & Coach
P.S. Hmmmm, re-reading this it still seems like I can do more, after all, it's been half a decade of helping my fellow salon spa owners become profitable, so let's do this too...
DOUBLE BONUS - Go for the "yearly" option and I'll do 2-for-1, that is I'll give you TWO YEARS for the price of one, which comes out to a 74% discount in addition to the thousands of done-for-you ads!

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