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Selling high-ticket salon services and spa packages

by Coach Christopher · 2 comments

Selling high-ticket salon and spa packages and services are key...

(and don't think it can't be done)!

Let me tell you a story about my own spa (and my BIG mistake)!

When we first opened our little spa in the mall over a decade ago, we only offered massage services. And sure enough come Christmastime we began selling a LOT of gift certificates. We were brand new, so didn't know any better and just went blindly along, enjoying our success. The next year we added on facial services and just naturally said when people would come up to buy a gift certificate asking for a massage, would say "how about a facial too?" At which that's twice as good and everyone said yes! Our average sale went from $60 last year to $150 this year (we raised our prices to $75 each instead of $60. Don't price yourself low to start, that's a newbie mistake). THEN our sales dropped back down to $50, and I thought "what the heck is going on?!" apathyIt was our receptionist. She was handing GC shoppers our service menu when they asked for a gift card and that was it. They would then look down the menu and pick the cheapest service on there and go with that! No leading the conversation, no offering an extra service, heck, no even selling a regular-priced service! ...and it's our fault. We didn't train her properly. So we fixed it.

The PROPER way to sell high-dollar salon and spa services (gift certificates specifically, but regular salon spa services too) is:

1st, Begin the conversation. I can't tell you how often I walk into a salon and am just left standing there, ignored. I was in a fashionable, high-end salon (biggest in town) and stood there, looking lost, while I listened to the 3 girls up front chat about their personal life for 15 minutes. Here I am, looking at products, walking in circles, browsing the menu... all while being ignored. Worse yet, I saw a medspa client arrive early to an appt and was told they'd have to wait. The 'technician' then gossiped about how long her day was, couldn't wait for it to be over, and went on and on for 15 minutes, then looked at the client and said "ok, let's go!" Heck, if your day was so long, why not start when the client walked in! So do this instead... Smile at people when they walk in. Then say hi and ask their name. You could even say "are you looking for a gift card?" as many will be if it's that time of the season. NOTE: You can also do this with clients who are checking out. It's Christmas, they just enjoyed a service, why not ask if they'd like to get a gift card for someone!? ...IF it's just a regular client during a normal day, begin a conversation and find out what they're looking for. What's their goal? What do they want to fix? Then simply offer it to them! I.e. "a new color for the season would be perfect for you!"   2nd, Lead the conversation. This is especially important with men who have no idea what they're looking at, but should be true for anyone. After all, you're the expert, they want to know what's popular? or what's the best deal? You know what packages you have OR if we're talking services, what they could use to get the look they want. So DO NOT hand them a menu and let them find the cheapest thing on it. Instead guide them to what you'd like to sell. Offer it to them. Then... SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR AN ANSWER. We often shoot ourselves in the foot and offer something cheaper even before they've had a chance to say no, maybe they would have said yes! Just say "Our full day "heaven on earth" package is INCREDIBLE, she'll LOVE it!" ...they don't care what's included, you don't need to go into all of that. ...they don't care how much it is, just if the recipient will feel loved. So offer it and wait for an answer. If no, you can always offer a cheaper alternative. Or if they ask for a dollar amount, why not suggest a higher amount and give the reason why (as in "because then you could get her this AND that).  


So if you want to add $$$ to your salon spa's bottom line, follow this advice to a tee! When you hear about someplace doing thousands and thousands of dollars in a single day, it is NOT because they sold a bunch of $10 french polishes or paraffin dip's!'s because they sold a FEW High-Ticket services or gift certificates. They add up quickly.   So do this, write out a plan, schedule time to train your staff, practice it with them and then check in and make sure they're following up on it. Do this during holiday GC sales times OR if you want to make REAL money, teach your salon spa staff to do it as an upgrade or an add-on to a regular service DAILY. Massage Envy does this, every client gets offered their monthly membership, which is basically a payment plan on a $500+ sale.   "Who Loves ya?" - Salon Coach Christopher P.S. Comment below, let me know if you think it's NOT the economy and you can do this!

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Angel Martinez

Wow….will be incorporating this one write away. Thanks Chris.


jeanne Luca

Thanks Chris,
I am sure this has gone on in all our salons and it may still be going on.
Thanks for the Heads Up again,



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