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Salon Spa Holiday Marketing Plans

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Have you ever heard this phrase "Information Overload"? gift_300It's something MANY owners get. NOT knowing where to begin because they want to know everything before starting. So they study and research everything! This is from FEAR of making a mistake, or not being perfect. (hint: it doesn't need to be perfect, just done)! They then get a feeling of overload (sounds like we all could use a spa visit, haha). This leads (usually) to never do anything (or not nearly enough). Where all you need are 3 things: 1 - Know your Goal, i.e. $100,000 in sales this Holiday season. 2 - Create a PLAN (the steps you need to take) 3 - Schedule TIME to do it. It - is - that - simple. However, it's the plan that many of us fall into information overload on. Should you do print? Television? Radio? Web? Facebook? Twitter, pinterest, linkedin, instagram? Should you do PPC ads? Where? On google, or facebook? or yahoo? bing? youtube? What should the ad say? What should my special be? What about my own clients, should they get this offer too? Or just new clients? Should I do a groupon? (NO YOU SHOULDN'T). Soooooooo many questions, you don't know where to start. So you never do, you just fall back to what you did before, which has you struggling with little to no growth. Well, Just know this. IF you want to have bigger sales than last year, you can't keep doing the same thing as last year. A recent call I had (I hope they don't mind me sharing) said they had a goal, to grow by a few hundred thousand dollars. AND to cut back from working so much, constantly. I asked "How. How will you do this?" And they said "doing the same thing as the year before, running a "brand" ad in a magazine". ...but doing that for the last few years had actually lowered their sales, they were spiraling downwards. Guess what? NOT going to happen, no growth for them. That is unless they try something new. Are YOU ready to boost your biz? Start with your foundation. I can help you. Let's try something that's proven, cheap and you own. Comment below or email and let's chat, because the holidays are upon us.

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