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How Google’s Pigeon Update affects your small business

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How Google's Pigeon Update affects your small business

The latest major update from Google affects local businesses. Early reports are showing how they've deleted that "local map listing" entirely for thousands of searches. Overall, this is leaving us local businesses with 75% LESS traffic/visitors. This (naturally) forces small businesses who often can't afford it to have to pay for PPC ads to Google. They now lean toward major directories like yelp and such instead of local sites. Instead of paying yelp (& others) thousands per month, or Google thousands for PPC ads, this is another way. google-pigeon-updateWhat is the other¬†solution? Here are 3: 1. Score your website to see how it's doing (this was a major part of the panda update) using this website grader. (if below 60% contact me for a new website, ASAP)! Because without a good panda score, Google won't show your site at all.   2. How's your traffic (visitors)? Do you need some monthly SEO from an expert? This pigeon update relies heavily on "seo linkbuilding" and "keyword optimization" as a key factor in determining their results... ...of which most local businesses have little/none.   3. Use these Promo Videos¬†I've been talking about for a Quick & Easy fix to get onto page one of Google! How? It's all YouTube based! (& google owns youtube).   Choose 1, 2 or 3, but choose something! The game just got serious. Questions? CONTACT ME here to get help! ...and please, leave a COMMENT BELOW.

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