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Salon Spa Promo Videos

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Want to harness to power of video? AND the power of youtube?

Do both at once to Attract New Customers with our "Keyworded" Promo Videos Because there are good chances you can get onto page one of Google using a Promo Video!

What's a "Keyworded" Promo Video? Here's an example of one (comment below if you like it please): See how it asks them to call or get onto your email list? That's KEY, getting them to take action and "buy" PLUS... You can use the video on your own site as well! As for getting your video found on Google (& YouTube), Here's a more detailed explanation of the keywording possibilities: So you see, you can make a different video for each search term (keyword) you'd like to be found for, getting new clients for all of your services! POPULAR Keywords that people search for are: "Salon" "Beauty Salon" "Hair Salon" "Hair Stylist" "Highlights" "Day Spa" "Med Spa" "Massage" "Facial" "Botox" "Manicure/Pedicure" "Nail Salon" "Waxing" "Laser Hair Removal" "Anti-Aging" "Acne" ... I sell these to local businesses here in CO for $500 each, but YOU get a Discount! Salon Spa Owner DISCOUNT $297 for 1 "Keyworded" Promo Video ($200 in SAVINGS) And only $200 for a 2nd Promo Video, that's a $300 SAVINGS (available on the next page, after you start your purchase). PLUS you can even get a 3rd, 4th & 5th video for only $100 extra each! ($1,200 in SAVINGS for 3 more Promo Videos, only $300 total)! 297 *** NOTE *** LIMIT 5 PER SALON SPA.


A detailed report ($97 value) on how to get your youtube videos to rank better on Google! The FREE Bonus includes info on: - Keyword researching - Keyword placement - Titles - Descriptions - Tags - Clickable links ...our own promo video has over 6,000+ views! All instructed in an easy to follow "over-my-shoulder" format, because you want these to be found online as well as on your website... over 80% of youtube videos are making this mistake, and you can fix it quick & easy! NEED PAYMENTS? Use "bill me later" with paypal! send me a paypal payment to $297 for 1 video (Save $200) $497 for 2 videos (Save $500) Or $797 for 5 videos (Save $1,700) Click here to GET -> STARTED -> NOW (before your competition does)

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