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Social Media in 5 minutes/day for your Salon Spa

by Coach Christopher · 2 comments

Ok, what do we know? We know Social media is where it's AT. Last year Pepsi pulled their million dollar superbowl spot in favor of putting the money into social media. Facebook has surpassed Google. And why? Because it's HIGHLY addictive (think how long you'd survive without an internet connection)... which means it's a BIG "time-suck." You logon to facebook for 20 seconds and 20 minutes later you're still there, and that's just for PERSONAL use. You start tweeting and you're stuck checking up on things all day. Now, I publicly admit that I'm a facebook junkie and hate to touch twitter (I think it's too much like texting, which I've yet to delve into). But that then looks all the worse... I have a profile and it's "empty" on twitter. So how do I do something I don't like to do? How do I stay connected to my socialite family/clients? Well, you could hire us to do that, OR try my solution which saves Time & Money. Here's a simple system that you can copy and implement immediately (and save an hour of your day so you can actually work ON your business!). 1. Signup for this automated twitter service that will automatically follow, unfollow, post, dm, etc. all for you. Set it up once, and let it run! Do daily updates NOT throughout the day, but in 5 minutes for the WHOLE day. 2. Visit to Connect your FaceBook & Twitter accounts TOGETHER... this way when you post to facebook, it will also post on your twitter account. NOTE: You do NOT want to do this the other way around. You can post all day to twitter, but don't post more than a few times/day to facebook, so this is the way you want to connect the two. Set aside 5 or 10 minutes each morning to update facebook (which will post to twitter too), then open up the twitter software and populate that for the day and you're done with your daily updates ( is a useful tool if you're not sure what to say!). Then check your messages, wish people happy birthday and SAVE your "reading" until the end of the day when you've already accomplished all the things you meant to do that day. "Who Loves Ya?" -Christopher P.S. Please comment below (it'll give you "google juice" via a backlink) and let me know your thoughts!

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This is a great idea. Did not know there was software that could help…my profile is empty as well. Thanks for the advice!


AHN skin & beauty

If you’re talking about Hootsuite, it is a great app! Thanks for the info!


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