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by Coach Christopher · 4 comments

Have we chatted? Did you see us at a conference? Read out blogposts at Gotten free email tips from us? Joined our exclusive site (presently closed to new members)??? Let us know how we've helped below! "Who loves ya?" -Christopher

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Dear Chris,
you did a conference call with my partner Mary Pat and I several months ago. when it was over we felt like someone stuck pins in our eyes.It was painful to see all we had to change. your advice had to sink in and then I went to work.

I started with cutting expenses. cut insurance by 35% while increasing coverage. I did this by shopping other companies, then giving our existing company a chance to keep us — and they did! Next I did same with our credit card merchant service and cut our fees almost 50%. this was huge and soo exciting and encourage me to revisit our build out loan with our current bank and 2 others. Soo fun we are still getting competitive offers and have not made the final choice.

We also renegotiated our lease which we were unable to lower our square footage but did get a free storage area. Our salon is in Pittsburgh and we still are in commission
compensation. 4 0f our 12 techs and stylist get 55% – ugh!!!

Chris you show us how doing this makes it impossible to make any profit or even break even. We were too afraid to cut their commission so we took your advice and stated a new deal. we advertised and hire 1 stylist and 1 skin therapist for $8.00 an hour salary or 30% commission which ever was greater. 1 of these girls is not doing well, I feel it’s a combination of us not have good training systems in place and this person misses more days than she comes . good news she is on 90 day probation and we are telling her tomorrow (if she shows up) it over.

We have just today got the final agreement from 2 new stylists with big books who love our salon and reputation and our leaving a well know upscale salon in our area.
I would have offered them 50% just to get them but because of your voice in my head I offered them 45% with $5.00 service charge on chemicals –THEY TOOK IT AND WERE HAPPY!!

Chris I don not know how to thank you for scaring the hell out of me. I knew you were right and we needed to make the changes to survive. We have a lot more to implement but I now feel excited not exhausted and will hopefully be able to spend more time with you and glean more of your wisdom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marilyn Jorgensen, Tu sei Bella Salon and Spa pittsburgh, pa.


marilyn jorgensen

I am so sorry I did not get to make the video but my husband plans to help me on tuesday.
I am technically challenged ( really i just do not care to learn – brain seems too busy!)
anyway he might be trying to call you for help.
I also was glad you shared my e-mail to you with others. I hope it will encourage others to put into play your valuable advice.
one follow up note , the 2 new stylists turned into 3!!
I hope this extra income will allow me to free up some time from working in our bussiness to working ON the bussiness!
thank you again. marilyn



i was so impressed [with the Salon Spa Apprentice program] I have not left the computer and am working on my new systems. Christopher, I have to tell you when I am listing to what you are saying I feel like you’re talking to me. You are speaking my language! Its amazing what I am learning from this, its simply amazing. I cant wait to do my homework and get back with you on my journal and my new healthy life style. I love it and I’m happy I chose to work with you …..who loves you !!!!! Lorine !!!!!!! [VIP member]


Marianne Laudati

Our very first phone conversation was a wealth of specific,useful information I was able to implement immediately. Since becoming a member, I have found great information on your website, in your e-mails, on your Facebook page, and in personal e-mail responses and phone calls you have made to me to address a specific concern or question I had. I have been impressed with the generous amount of time you have given me on these occasions, at no additional cost. While there are many sources of marketing information available on the internet that are so general that they are not worth the amount of time it takes to read them or watch the video, your advice is specific, actionable, and targeted to salon and spa owners very specific concerns. Because you are not only a marketing guru but also a spa owner, you have an understanding of our concerns that most self-proclaimed marketing experts cannot even imagine. Thank you for always telling it like it is, even when the truth hurts.
We love ya, Baby!


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