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“Boost” is here

by Coach Christopher · 4 comments

Hi everyone! Just a quick note, Google "Boost" is expanding. What was just in San Francisco, Houston & Chicago... is now available to San Jose, Seattle, Wichita, Charlottesville (VA), Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Washington D.C., Boston, Cross Plains (TX), Portland (ME) & all of IL. What is "Boost" & how does this affect your salon, day spa or medspa? It's basically "PPC" (pay per click) for local map search results. if you've gone to and claimed your local listing (the one that shows up in the map results w/a red pin whenever you search for "your city & your business type"), you can buy your way to the top of that. You can see, instead of trying to get more links to your site and reviews to stay at the top of the local search results, you can buy an ad to get to the top (they even give you a "blue" pin too). 1. Claim your listing 2. Start getting backlinks & reviews for your main website 3. Start PPC advertising w/Boost 4. Start PPC advertising with Yahoo, Bing & Facebook's the wave of the future. "Who loves ya?" -Christopher P.S. Please comment below because I'd love to hear your thoughts (would you be interested in a "how-to" product on this?)

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I don’t have a website yet….working on it….



You can still claim your business listing with google (and we can make you a website:)



Google is giving a 30-day free trial for Tag. As not too many salon and spa are on map yet, a $25/month flat fee tag is probably ok.
I have used google places for several months now. Since this year, the impressions and views, have dropped a lot, about 1/3 (from 300-400 views to just above 200). I don’t know the reason(s) yet. Maybe more competitors are on map now.
I found the yelp reviews bring in some customers. However, those reviews are always make me uncomfortable. I have love and hate feelings towards them.


Mr. Nolan

So Ophelia, what are you doing to promote positive “Yelp” feed back?

Might I suggest having a monthly drawing on “Yelp” for people who leave positive comments? One really good comment lingers and can bring in additional clients for years to come. If you have an iPad you might be able to even hand it to the customer (a-la Star Treck) while they are there and make it EASY for clients to leave their positive comments.

Just a freebie thought….run with it if you like. If you make millions off of it feel free to help out a guy. LOL, Cheers!!!


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