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Trouble marketing your salon spa?

by Coach Christopher · 1 comment

Are you having trouble getting new clients for your salon spa? What have you tried? Many of us blindly look at other salons (who ironically have no idea what they're doing) for marketing ideas. We end up having the same old salon spa specials, the same old salon spa offerings... nothing exciting for the client at all. Let's start a little "comment" discussion below... What have you tried? What are your thoughts on salon spa marketing? Please comment below. -Christopher

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Right now our salon has started doing facial scrubs with a moisturizer at the shampoo bowl! After shampooing one time, we do the scrub with facial massage. We use a hot/warm towel to wipe off, (because you may get some of the scrub in the hair) then do the second shampoo, apply conditioner to the hair, and then apply the moisturizer to the face. Rinse conditioner out of the hair well! For those people not warring makeup that you can clearly see needs some help. We do this for men and women for a charge of $25.00. If they can’t afford a facial, don’t have the time, or as an introduction. Clients are appreciating this service; their skin looks great, and clients are starting to request this service. :-O


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