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Viral Facebook Marketing for your salon spa

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Viral Facebook Marketing for your salon spa

viral-fb-post-analysis Want VIRAL marketing for your facebook fan page? Look at the number of views, comments, likes and shares of this post. ...and all in just 48 hours. 92,352 views 2,397 comments 345 likes 41 shares (actually 110,944 views and 3,155 comments by day 3) So let's take a look at this and see how I believe it happened. First, People like to be right! Heck, every argument that's ever happened has been because we want to show we're right. And who doesn't want to feel smart, correct and "right" right? So when we see something that we know the answer to, we jump up and say it! This is why people watch the tv game show, Jeapordy, isn't it? So let's tap into that, let's make people feel good by being able to easily be right (even though we challenge them that it's hard). So this image allows people to do that. After all, the answer is EASY. There's no trick, or clue, there's dozens of correct answers so finding one isn't that hard at all despite the challenge of "they can't." This image here even comes with a challenge AND I added my own comment up top "comment quick, no peeking" adding to it. So I've challenged you with an easy question that makes you feel good (being right, affirming how smart you are) when you answer... so, you do! Second, Now the rules change, but odds are everytime you like, comment or share something on facebook, it will either: - go on your timeline for your friends to see - go onto your friends news feed from you - make you 'like' that page ...basically, you're letting facebook know that you've interacted with my page, because you have. Here's something you may not know. Facebook only shows what you post to 10-20% of your fans. Re-read that.Facebook only shows what you post to 10-20% of your fans. This is infuriating, especially if you paid facebook to begin with to get your fans, now they don't even show your status updates to them! UNLESS they've interacted with you. NOW they'll see your updates more often. So you WANT people to comment and interact with you, hence using these silly images for a quick game to get interaction... to get more views. BELIEVE IT OR NOT... There are even fanpages that revolve around this principle so they can sell them or post "offers" on their wall and make money. I bet you've seen them (or even 'liked' them). For example, if you've seen: "My daddy will quit drinking once this page gets 1,000,000 likes" [PIC of little girl] OR "Like this page to get a transplant operation for her" (oh help down syndrome, or get a cancer treatment) [PIC of little girl] OR This image I used here. Plus I've got more of these for you to use for FREE on your wall to my members at THE POINT IS... To get likes, and have it go VIRAL because of the way your commenting gets shared with your friends, to get your friends to comment (& therefore 'like') so their friends comment & like and so on and so on and so on. That's what VIRAL is. And it works. So now everyone will now see my future updates and offers to come into my spa. So how do you get your hands on these images? Join my members only site at and you can have all that I have access to, PLUS what I do After I get all these comments to "turn them into cash." "Who Loves Ya?" -Christopher P.S. Comment below and let me know if you knew going viral was this easy or not!

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